Friday, December 26, 2008

U.d.d.e.r.s Ice Cream

U.d.d.e.r.s Ice Cream
155 Thomson Road
Goldhill Shopping Centre
*located at the vertical row of shop houses next to United Square
Tel: 6254 6629

It's been over a month since i've been to Udders but was pretty caught up to write about it.
We tried Chempedak, Rum and Raisin, Tiramisu flavours etc...

What can i say. Don't bother so much, just GO!!!
Its fantastic! Every flavour is just bursting with richness and authenticity!
If you are undecisive, just get the staff to let you try out the flavours, but word of caution though, you may end up even more confused as all the flavours are to die for!

Really, Definately worth trying!
Its a ice-cream place, i will not talk too much about it except that they have a good concept, nice location, great tasting quality ice-cream, nice decor.

This is more of a grab eat and go place as it tends to be quite populated at times, making it quite Squeezy to hang-out.

Udders is really good. Can be equally rated with Island Creamery

Swirl Gelateria

Swirl Gelateria
557 Bukit Timah Road
#01-04/05 Crown Centre

Tel: 6464 6180

We tried 5 to 6 flavours. Nothing fanciful. It isn't BAD, but i won't say it is GOOD either.
The Alcoholic flavours lack the Ummph factor. It is bland and i did not feel that there was any liqueur added.
Other flavours were not impressive as well. All lack the flavour. Tastes more of milk in all.
therefore, i would not recommend for anyone to try out this place.
I guess this also explains why it is so isolated and empty on the many occasions that i pass by as well as on a Friday evening itself.

* if you are looking for a quiet place to discuss some project or to hang around with your friends for games and chat, this place is OK venue for that. Keep your expectations of the ice-cream Low though or you may walked out disappointed.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Melvados Cafe- Closed Down

was browsing through a few credible sites/blogs/food reviews for my next Friday Supper Club location.
Criteria: to be a cafe budget average bill ard $12, a good spot to chit chat, GOOD FOOD! a rather comfortable ambience
I found review of Melvados through the Lady Iron Chef's website and decided to give it a try. O especially love the fact that this place is at Bukit Timah Road (love this area)

559, Bukit Timah Road
#01-01 King's arcade (next to Coronation Plaza)
Tel: 64693101

we ordered:

Smoked Duck Confit Oglio Pasta (spaghetti):

- Great combination of tastes. Eatting this transports me to the world of "Ratatouille" where the rat takes a bite of one ingredient and another bite with another ingredient, but yet it fuses together to create an "outburst of harmonizing flavors!"
okok, maybe not that exaggerated like in the cartoon movie, but this dish does a little excitement to your taste palettes. The bell peppers, smoked duck, olive oil, slight powdering of cheese, garlic,pepper is a nice concoction.
costs: $9.90

*eat it while its hot!

Breadbowl Beef Stew

It does not look that fabulous, but when you peel off the bread , dip in with the stew and take a bite of it, you would be pleasantly surprised!
The bread is toasted to perfection (at least it meets my standards)
It is nicely toast and crisp, but not hard on the outside, yet in moist and soft in the inside. Amzaingly, the stew does not soak through the bread, so i was quite happy that i do not need to be eatting soggy bread.

The stew is done quite well, more towards a Tomato-ish taste.
costs: $9.90

Fish & Chips

It came out looking plain and dull, quite short of standard. I tasted it feeling skeptical about it at 1st but ended off with a nod on my head.
It is not heavy like the usual fish and chips where they dip cheap dory fillet in thick batter and fry it to crisp.
This version here uses breadcrumbs, therefore it may look Shrunken in comparative to the usual fare of fish and chips, but i will say i prefer this version alot more. It is delectable and not "Gelad" (so filling tt u get sick of it)

I couldn't really make out the type of fish they were using as i took only a bite out of this dish, but 1 thing for sure, they do not use the usual cheap dory fillet.
costs: $8.90

Last but not least, the MUST HAVES!
BROWNIE!! what can i say? this is a Brownice specialty cafe, how can i give the brownie a miss?

Black & White Kisses with a scoop of ice-cream

i sunk my fork in it and devoured it unknowingly within a short matter of time.
Is it good? Well, i dunno what to say, maybe you should go try it for yourself.
costs: $4.90 + ($1.00 single scoop of ice-cream)

Overall conclusion:
Surprise find. I nice cozy cafe that serves great food at a affordable pricing.
A sad thing though is that this place is really really unpopulated. we were the only ones around.
This place definately deserves more publicity.
I will be heading back there and recommending people at this unpolished Gem.

ps: for people that want to chill over a game of pool and beer, they have it over there.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ai Shiteru - i love u japanese snacks!

Whoever knows me well enough wld know I've a sweet tooth, loves sinful desserts and eat one-too-much snacks... And browsing ard the Japanese supermarket is my fav thing to do......

Randy's sista just came back from Tokyo and lugged along with her many snacks!

(My friends JunMeng & Liling came back fr the Land of the Sun ard the same time too and they brought back the Tokyo Banana Cake!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOA!!!! - Yyn took pics of the wonderful cake with banana custard inside and blogged abt it:

This was one of the snacks that Randee's sis brought back....

Japanese Mochi - (i'm guessing that's wad it is, since I can't read Jap...)

The beautiful packagings of Japanese food...........
Here's how it looks inside!
There's Red Bean & Yam flavoured mochi in there!!!!!
Can't wait to open up and try! But I'm waiting to share em' with my sis... She'll love them!

You know when you were young u had those erasers shaped to look like fruits and cakes and ice-cream cones? And no matter how desperate you were looking for a rubber, you wld never destroy them by using em' to rub off your careless mistake in your jotter book?

This was one of those things... Candy-sushi...
Sweets that are tooo prewwtttyyy to put into your mouth.... And u know it's probably nicer to look @ it than to eat it.... :P

Oh TOKYO TOKYO.... Just having a taste of a place that I dream to go one day!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brown Sugar Cafe Bistro

Check out Kara's 1st food review!

Brown Sugar Cafe Bistro
277 River Valley Road
#01-04 Stardus Clubhouse

Tel: 6333 6612

Kara says:

After reading all the rave on hgw about brown sugar's set lunch, I had to try it for myself! So yesterday afternoon, I brought my beau to this hidden place for a bd lunch b4 the rest-of-the-day activities. While making a turn into the bistro, my beau wondered aloud why I was driving him to, in his own words, "a community ctr" for lunch.

So what's a fine dining place doing in a "community ctr"?

I say, to hide away from public eye before it gets overcrowded of coz...!

Service was really prompt, staffs were attentive though we had to squint really hard to read the set selections from the chalkboard at the other end of the bistro (No menu list for set lunch) :(

@ $27 for a set of 3 course, we ordered:
1) cream of brocolli & spinach
2) tomato salsa mussels

1) Steak with rocket salad and fries on the side
2) Crispy Duck Confit

1) Red wine poached pear w vanilla icecream
2) Banana Pineapple crumble w fig&honey icecream

I was expecting a small portion for that price but when the appetizers came, I was truly impressed! They didn't scrimp on the portions at all. But the scenical boyfriend says "wait till the mains come, I'm sure my steak will be the size of your palm". Lo and behold, he was proven wrong again with the nicely down steak served up in front of him.

Overall food was great, but the banana & pineapple crumble was a tad too sweet even for my liking..

One thing though, I was overcharged $8 for an item called "food", on top of my $27x2 set lunches. That was the only downside... Blame it on myself for not checking the bill before signing off on it... :P

Must Tries: Crispy duck confit, mussels in tomato

Friday, December 5, 2008

Beef Kway Teow- DRY

location: Blk 22, Toa Payoh Lorong 7 Food centre

was introduced by my dear sista Kara there on a saturday afternoon.
the Best DRY beef kway teow i had tried in singapore, admist the other well know and reputatable beef kway teow stalls.
Their gravy has a depth of different levels of taste to it,
unlike the usual ones with just a rather flat taste, this gravy gravy has the tinge of ginger, vinegar, spices.
the beef slices are very soft and tender, melt in your mouth
its really worth a try!
word of caution: their SOUP beef kway teow is not good though, it has a strong taste of MSG.
So, if you would like to look for good DRY beef kway teow, this is definately worth a try!

costs: $3 per bowl