Saturday, May 30, 2009

Graze @ Rochester

Graze Restaurant
4, Rochester Park
tel: 6775 9000

Lamb Shank

The lamb shank is a Huge portion fit for a queen.
The meat is stewed to perfect tenderness. The wild mushroom sauce compliments and brings another depth of flavor to the lamb.
I will definitely crave for this and come back for more if given a chance ;)

Seafood Gnocchi

The sauce is done with a balance in flavors. The round kneaded dough pieces reminds me of the "teochew abacus (xuan pan zhi)" so i term this dish as my Ang Moh Xuan Pan Zhi with fresh seafood.

Chicken Linguine

nice in general, but a little pity is the overload of the buttery taste. Think it would taste great if less butter was being used.

Ambience -> checked (jazz music, warm lighting, cozy furnishing)
Service -> checked (great smile, stewardship service)
taste -> checked (4/5)
price -> on the high side, but worth the costs for special occasions.