Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Da Ka Jie Kitchen

Dai Ka Jie Kitchen

#05-11, The Heeren
Opens 11.30am to 10pm (Sunday to Thursday)
11.30am to 11.30pm (Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays).
Call: 6738 0322
website: (but yet to be set up)

Shanghai Modern interior with the remembrance of Old ShangHai feel. Serves Old-time Classics.

Located @ a new foodie level on the 5th floor of Heeren, this restaurant hosts an concept of Old-time classics with a Modern twist.
Along side the Shanghai Music tones such as "wan bu liao, wang bu liao~" and "Tian Mi Mi" is complimented by the great service by the staffs.

Food Menu consists of Wanton Noodles/Chinese La Mien, as well as Ala-Carte dishes and desserts.

We had:
  • Stir-fried french beans in Salted egg-yolk, OMG!!!! this is simply out of this world! its SO SO tasty and flavouful. I picked a piece of the french bean and chew on it, the taste just exploded in my mouth! This is the main dish that i love and will make me come back for! a definate Must-try!
  • Original Roasted Duck (which is so juicy and crispy like suckling pig). Also accompanied with their light dressing of soya sauce drenched on it. Moist and crispy! Slurpz!
  • Claypot Chicken, which is just passable, the sauce is tasty, good to go with rice, but the chicken is just too bland. Flavour did not seep into the meat.
  • Brinjal done in Ma Po tou-fu style.
  • Redbean Milk-tea, DIVINE! Thhingg*** Oh my GOSH!! i felt like a kid who manage to hug a teddy bear it her arms! Such a familiar taste which i have been longing for. The red bean is nicely cooked like the nice mushy Japanese red bean, and the most amazing thing is the milk-tea.. its THAI MILK TEA!!! I LIKE!!!~~ nono, i LOVE!!!~~~ *warning: Ice Thai Milk tea is an acquired taste drink. U will either really love it or hate it. I has a tint of smoke taste. Not for the faint hearted.
  • Longan red dates tea- Not too sweet or heavy, just nice. Smooth to throat.
Overall had a pleasurable dining experience there with the great service and ambience from the old shanghai music. Only down side is on the unpleasant noisy Teenage crowds there have there because of the Location being at Heeren, we had a group of senseless teens screaming and shouting right behind us as though they are in a fast-food joint.

This is their 1st and only outlet.
They are going to open a Cafe Lounge named Whisk at Wisma Atir #03-15 (still rolling out the plans/in midst of construction, not opened yet)