Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Daily Scoop- Ice cream Cafe

Blk 43, Jalan Merah Saga
Chip Bee Gardens
(tucked away in the private housing area opposite Holland Road shopping centre)

Salty Mr. Brown with Ms Strawberry Shortcake
Salty Mr. Brown was not salty enough and therefore lacks the expected Ummphh to it. Brownie is average. I have recently developed a liking for Salted caramel or salty ice-cream/desserts. Was rather disappointed on its taste.
Ms Strawberry shortcake is not sweet like the cartoon character. The strawberry used is still unripe and sour, without any tinge of sweetness from the fruit bits.

Peppermint side by side with Sesame. Black or White?

Peppermint is Ok, safe. Would prefer it is green peppermint colour though.
Sesame is quite rich, but swings towards a higher sugar ratio.

How I felt about Daily Scoop:
The service is good, the staff are friendly and more than willing to accede to your tasting requests.
The quality and taste of the ice-cream falls short than expected. I did not expect it to be very good, but at least satisfactory to my requirements. Taste wise, Daily scoops is unable to meet my expectations.
Im quite a fan and critic for ice-creams and desserts so forgive me for my harsh review.

the interior is fun and friendly. If i was still a student, I think I will patronize Daily scoops for a nice not too crowded after school hang-out spot to laugh and chat with my friends.
But as a working adult and a foodie, I am sorry, but I doubt I will come back again as there are far better ice-cream joints out there like Udders and Island Creamery that is a better worth of my bucks

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Mykii (pronounced as Mee-Kai)
17D, Lorong Liput
Holland Village (opposite Pet Lovers centre and next to Provence)

It's my friend's birthday.
I was looking for a place which is rather special, in a laid back environment and serves good food.
I was thinking of Holland Village as the hang-out location.
Mykii popped into my head. So after reading up the latest reviews and making sure it was almost full-proof, I decided Mykii to be THE restaurant to head to.

it was mad rush for me that morning. I didn't have lunch, so when I browsed through the menu, I set my mind on the Mains over their weekend Brunch.

Pot Roasted Chicken with Almond and Olive Pilaf sounded comforting to me.
The thought of slow cooked chicken with a melt in the mouth texture, served over rice is simply enticing and absorbed my attention.
Here it is..
I seldom finish the full portion of rice that I have.
for this dish, even though the serving is very generous and is easily able to feed 1 and 1/2 lady's appetite, I find it hard to rest my fork and let the remaining go to waste.
It is so appetizing and delectable that I could not stop my go at it

The chicken is moist, and tender from the slow cooking process, exactly like how I pictured and wished for it to be.
Tomato based and olive based sauce made the dish appetizing
the grain by grain rice stirs fragrance in your mouth.
I will definitely come back for this dish. I'm craving for it already!

BBQ Baby back ribs is average. Same tasting as other joints that serves ribs. Nothing fanciful about it. A dish which you will finish but not crave for.
The mash potato mixture u see below (contained in glass) is a minus point of this dish. It is a rather unappealing combination which me and my friends do not appreciate. It was left untouched after the 3rd tablespoon.

Thai-style chicken on French Pastry.
The outer coating of the chicken has a burst of flavors from the spices and packs a crunch.
The chicken meat is a tad dry for me. however, my friend who had this dish enjoyed it alot. She commented that she loves the crispy coating with the meat.
I guess it comes to individual preferences. Some tends to love the drier parts of chicken meat like breast meat whereas some love the juicy and tender parts like the thigh/drumstick. I am for the latter so this dish gets only a passing mark from me.

I did not get to try out the signature dishes and desserts which they are famous for as my goal here is to celebrate a friend's birthday rather than food reviewing.
But I decided to post this review anyways as It is nevertheless, a ideal Brunch/lunch/dinner location with loved ones

Im a fan of Mykii's interior design and concept.
The atmosphere is relaxing with the playing of jazz vibes in background and lighted with warm lighting.
I'll wanna Brunch here on a lazy weekend,
have dinner here on a tiring weekday night to sooth my soul and tummy.

Im becoming a fan of Mykii... I'll be back here..
till than we meet again...
I will have a closer encounter with u when I return and sink my teeth into the nutella squares with salted caramel!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


26. Evans Road
#01-05, Evans Lodge
Singapore 259367
tel: 6735 0012

If you love eggs. This is the right place to be in.
Hatched serves all-day breakfast with a menu ranging from boiled, poached, Benedict, fried, baked, omelette, Sunny-side-up to scrambled eggs.
Which ever way you like your egg to be, Hatched is sure able to met fulfill your egg desires.
I love to explore dining places which is rather inaccessible and serves food which satisfies my tastebuds.
Hatched is located @ Evans lodge which is a rather nice quaint quiet place for Brunch.

I like their cozy Warm Industrial cafe look

the Catalog of eggs. the most Elaborated and widest selection of eggs I've ever set eyes on

my fave Coffee- Caffe Latte
I will never miss u out from my order. you're too tempting. U and I go way back to the time I was 1st introduced to English coffee. Even a decade falls short of the time i've known U.

Smoked Royale: Poached egg with Smoked salmon on english muffin, topped with Hollandaise Sauce

The 1st cut with Oozing Runny egg yolk
Sir benedict:
Poached egg with black forest ham on english muffin, topped with Hollandaise Sauce. Served with Mash
Papillote: Scrambled eggs wrapped n Smoked Salmon, drizzled in chive cream. Served with Toast, sauteed potatoes and Caramelized onions.

Waffle with scoop of Sea Salt caramel ice-cream

their Egg mains are good. They have indeed uphold integrity of eggs by mastering the culinary skills well. The Poached and Scrambled eggs are done pretty well and able to meet the egg critic's expectations.
For its price range, I would fare it as a well worth Brunch if you have a budget of approx $12-$16 to spend on the mains.

Their Desserts are however not deserving of the price quoted. The Waffle and the Pancakes are estactically well done, however still not up to mark in terms of skills and taste. Room for improvement.
It tastes fair. Not worth investing on, but can order to give it a try. But if it is a pondering choice over a selection of Pancakes or Waffles. Go for the Waffles instead.

A pointer: They do not serve ice caffe latte on the menu, but when they agreed to do it, I was thinking it would taste quite bland. Surprisingly, it turned out to be really silky rich and by far one of the best latte i had in s'pore. Hopefully it would remain this way the next time I order it again =)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Men ichi Ramen

Men Ichi
1 Jurong West Central 2
#B1-54 Jurong Point

serves: Ramen

Being a fan of Ramen, I have tried the different soup bases such as shoyu and tomato etc.. but my fave soup base is still the pork based soup (Tonkotsu)
My self initiated food preference easily pointed to the option of Char Siew Ramen- Roast Pork noodles in Tonkotsu Soup.

The soup base is really flavourful. The Char Siew portion came generously and has a good marbling of fats. I have to tell you that I'm never keen on fatty food and would remove the fats from meats. However, this is an exception and makes it a worthy guilt journey.

I am always elated to see eggs like the above, where it is considered as hard boiled egg but still with a semi runny yolk.
Having my desired egg as a topping for my Ramen brings excitement to me. And i swear i was going "Wooaa!" at the sight of my Ramen being brought to my eye view. Followed by a prolonged "uummmmMmmmmm..." upon tasting it.

Egg Omelette
- i love this dish, i practically finished this whole dish by myself
They throw in some finely sliced spring onions in the omelette mixture. This brings a fragrance and refreshing taste to the dish.
The other reason why I applaud it is because it was skillfully cooked to perfection with the skin looking brown and crispy but yet the texture is slightly runny. The way I like it.

The Ramen surprising surpasses my expectations. So much so that I will be willing to make a 1 hour trip from my home all the way over to Jurong Point for this Ramen.

point to note: Menichi is a sister establishment from Ichiban Sushi.
They DO serve part of Iciban sushi's menu over at Menichi since they are located side by side. To be fair to Menichi, I will say that their Char Siew Ramen and Egg Omelette is indeed very good. However, if the other reviewers have reviewed on Menichi based on the Ichiban Sushi food menu, Menichi's review might be affected and dragged down.
I am also leaving an open comment on their other Ramens since I only tried 1 of it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Caramel Cafe-> Tom's Palette

Caramel Cafe
100 Beach Road
#01-50/52 Shaw Towers
note: Close on Sundays.

Banana Chocolate cake with scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream
- Choc & Banana is 1 of the great combination of flavours that the market is introducing and growing big on. The Banana Choc cake over here is done very well.
With the cake being moist and the banana melts in your mouth but not being too heavy or wet on the cake. Vanilla ice-cream gives a temporary wipe from the boastful flavour and creating a desire and lust for that sinful choc

Strawberry Shortcake
- not a fan of it. Gives discredit to strawberry shortcakes.
nothing commendable about this. In fact, it is a waste of bucks for anyone purchasing it.

Dark chocolate with Himalayan Pink Salt
- This gets the thumbs up and Yumz from me. Interesting is the word that rings in my mind. Savoury follows suit on the next thought of it.
Yet another great combination out in the market of combining chocolate with salt.
But they do it well over here, im normally not a fan of Sweet+Salted taste in 1, however this gets the green light from me. It may be the salt they use. Unlike seasalt, this has a subtle tinge of saltiness and is really fine in texture. It rolls the flavour of tinge saltiness and bittersweet chocolate into 1. Nice!

Cream Cheese Carrot Cake
- Carrot cakes are my number 1 love for cakes. I would Not say the 1 here is Ubber Fantastic, but it is good enough to meet my expectations.

What better place to jump into a Whimsical land with the company of Sweets for my tooth?
Great place to hang out for a Lazy afternoon and chat with friends.

not recommended for a huge group though as seats are limited.
But a 4 man gang will fit in snugly.

next stop:
Tom's Palette
100 Beach Road
#01-25 Shaw Leisure Gallery

Their Apple Pie is a Must-try. If you love Cinnamon, this will have you licking the paper cup clean. However, if you run away fro mthe mention of Cinnamon, than you should run away from this too.

Also tried their Rum & Raisin and Horlicks.
The Rum & Raisin is ok, but gets gelad. I stopped at the 6th spoonful of it.
The Horlicks is terrible for me, it has a taste similar to coconut and I am an enemy to Coconut. I stopped at the 3rd spoonful of it.

I will not recommend people to specially go down to Shaw Towers to try out Tom's Palette, but if you happen to pass by, U Can consider trying their Apple Pie or taste test the other flavours which I have yet to try.

Perhaps it could also be Udders, Island Creamery and Ice-Kimo that has pulled my standards up for ice-creams

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Babi Guling in Bali

On my honeymoon trip to Bali, I stayed in Ubud... I've read abt the legendary Babi Guling (Pork) rice that resides in the not-so-crowded Ubud area... And so I made it a point to go try...

Legendary Ibu Oka's "Babi Guling" rice @ Ubud
The stall was hard to miss as it as the most packed food joint in Bali...

Apparently, locals are charged lower for the food here and get a bigger portion of meat... Which i think it's reasonably since tourists have more disposable income to spend...

Here it is! Bali Guling Special Rice! ("Special" coz it's portion for one, with a portion of the meat + crispy pig skin + veg, smacked on top of your rice.. "Non-special" means you order dishes and rice separately to share...)
You can see the crispy pig skin in the pic below... It's so crispy I thought the fillings in my tooth was gonna come off when I tried to crunch it....

I don't think it's as yummy as it's hyped up to be.... :P

Not worth travelling up to Ubud for it, but if you'e staying in Ubud, just go try...