Saturday, April 16, 2011

ReStore Cafe

There's a new list of new Cafes that have invaded the Cafe scene in S'pore bringing us closer to the Auzzie relaxing Coffee Culture.
I drew out my list and picked ReStore as my 1st stop.

124 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tue - Sun, 12pm - 7pm
Closed on Mondays
6222 3510

Restore is a new Vintage Furniture Cafe which infuses a relaxing sit back with jazz playing on while you have tasty breakfast and shop at the same time.
Perfect place for getting away from the crowd and just having an alone time with a book or chat with intimate ones

My fave drink is Cafe Latte and It is always my top choice for a lazy afternoon coffee

I read that their bagels are freshly baked and was hoping to try out the Cinnamon Raisin bagel which comes with cream cheese spread at $5.50.

It was a tug between the Bagel and the Waffles.
The waffles gave a hard pull at the last second which drew victory over bagel.
So here's my choice.
I selected the Canadian Waffles served with cream and Maple syrup and topped it with a scoop of homemade Vanilla ice-cream $8.80

While waiting for the waffles to take its form in the waffle mold, the sweet fragrant smell escaped out and filled the whole place with the aroma of fresh breakfast bliss.

Yumz, it was really good! The waffles was done just nice and it was Delicious!
While my mouth and nose were enjoying the Latte and Waffles, my eyes took pleasure and kept themselves entertained with the display of retro looking restored chairs.

The chairs are up for sale, most of it averaging at $200++

The place sits about 20-25 pax

The tables are for sale too!

ahhh, won't it be nice a similar reading corner like this at home?

the menu is very simple and basic with 2 food items- Bagel and Waffles, but its good enough for me ^^