Saturday, July 25, 2009

Babi Guling in Bali

On my honeymoon trip to Bali, I stayed in Ubud... I've read abt the legendary Babi Guling (Pork) rice that resides in the not-so-crowded Ubud area... And so I made it a point to go try...

Legendary Ibu Oka's "Babi Guling" rice @ Ubud
The stall was hard to miss as it as the most packed food joint in Bali...

Apparently, locals are charged lower for the food here and get a bigger portion of meat... Which i think it's reasonably since tourists have more disposable income to spend...

Here it is! Bali Guling Special Rice! ("Special" coz it's portion for one, with a portion of the meat + crispy pig skin + veg, smacked on top of your rice.. "Non-special" means you order dishes and rice separately to share...)
You can see the crispy pig skin in the pic below... It's so crispy I thought the fillings in my tooth was gonna come off when I tried to crunch it....

I don't think it's as yummy as it's hyped up to be.... :P

Not worth travelling up to Ubud for it, but if you'e staying in Ubud, just go try...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brown, the colour of... ?

Brown, Black.
Colours with relation to an expression of Dullness.
But Brown to me, is a color of Joy in my expression.
The color of Chocolate - myth object of an Anti-Aphrodisiac which a takes a woman's mind off from other things and yet brings ecstasy.

layered in 55% bitter Coco powder, fluffy Mousse, airy oreo choc sponge cake, mousse, oreo choc sponge cake
= Can't stop!
i told myself,ok, im gotta try a mouthful of it, just the edge.
After the 1st scoop, i thought, hhmm.. doesn't kill to finish 1/2.
By the time i reach half mark, there is no turning back and i HAD to Race to the finishing line.
Licked my fork clean as a reward to my mind battle

Yamakawa Japanese Supermarket

Japanese Snacks- Watashi wa Aishiteru Desune!
Colourful Wrappers, fat wordings, attractive packaging Grabs my attention
Resistance is futile.
Cash strapped but unable to fight the temptation, i focused purely on the discounted items that goes at $1 or $2 per item.
Haha, all the below items were on discount.
Yamakawa Supmart puts up expiring items at a really low price.
Good for me as it is less hurting to my wallet and i'm confident it will be chomped up by the expiry date.
My Snacks Stash

Regulars of Japanese Cuisine will be familiar with Calpis.
Calpis is a renowned and commercial Yogurt.
I am a fan of Calpis, so i bought the below pack of Calpis candy which is in assortment of 4 flavours (original Calpis, Orange, Grape & Strawberry)
quite sad that it did not turn out like i wished it would. The presence of Yogurt is mild in this.

the below snack will have u proclaiming:
Aaaahhh.... Oooo Iiiii SSsss Hhh Iii Oishi DESUYO!! (*^~^*)
It is Caramel Pudding Mochi in bottle cap size.
The Mochi skin is so soft and the Carmel filling has a Custardy sensation to it
2 for $1.30

$1.00 per box
the white one is White chocolate (salty flavour) yes, indeed it has a faint salty taste to it.
hhhmm.. interesting, but i still prefer my choc snacks to be Sweet

Yamakawa Jap Supermart is located at:
-> The Central
-> Jurong Point

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Salmon Sushi Don

my Bud & I often craves for Salmon Sashimi.
Im quite intense on the Craving Meter.
Tonite im craving for the Salmon Sashimi Don
$5.20 from Ichiban Sushi take-away counter- AMK Hub
Goes well with 2 pack of Shoyu drizzled over it

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cheng Kee Beef Kway Teow

Cheng Kee Beef Kway Teow

Location: Blk 203, Hougang St. 21

The Dry Beef Kway Teow

Served with condiments of Chinchalok and Chilli.

My fave from this stall is still their Soup version.
so i ordered the below Soup Mixed beef Kway Teow

their soup is very tasty and the salted vegetable and Chinchalok brings it to a greater height.
The meat and tendons are stewed to perfect tenderness and had absorbed in the flavor of the stew.
I LOVE this beef kway teow stall.
I have tried several "famous" ones including the 1 in Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh
Nothing beats this, except for maybe the one in Old Airport road (which is too far and inconvenient for me)

I do not have much to say except "try it!" and you will know what i am experiencing.

PS: U may like to try out the Rojak in the same coffeeshop too.
Quite good
ingredients- Starfruit, green apple, raw mango, jellyfish, you tiao, tulip, Jambu, cucumber, etc.. Not that cheap though, starting price at $3.50 (if im not wrong) but worth a try to share amoungst your friends.

the happy gang

Thursday, July 16, 2009


8 Sin Ming Road
#01-03 Sin Ming Centre

Ice-cream is my Joy-Food of all time.
besides Udders, this is the 1 other place which i hang-out in.
It is just 10 mins walk away from my office.
Not crowded, making it a nice place to just relax and sit back with friends or colleagues to chat and enjoy good ice-cream in a comfy air-conditioned environment.
It's my kind of place.
It may not be THE BEST, but will be ranked 3rd on my list after Island Creamery and Udders. I feel that it is good enough. It is also cheaper in comparison.

simple, minimalist decor

Tiramisu ice-cream on Waffle
their waffle is the crispier kind and quite light. I enjoyed it =)

the below is called VERY DURIAN where the fresh durian flesh in "Kiap" in between the waffle and topped with a Scoop of Durian Ice-cream.
Wow! Indeed VERY Duriany!
Even if the Durian ice-cream do not satisfy you, im sure the durian flesh will add marks to the lacking areas.
Overall a balanced Durian dish. Frankly speaking, the durian ice-cream is not that strong in flavour, but it gives a balance to the strong Pow Wow Durian flesh.
So i would stil give this dish a passing mark and worth trying if you like Durians

Monday, July 13, 2009

Take-home sushi from Fairprice Xtra- AMK Hub

main part of my dinner diet is Take-home Sushi.
I was feeling quite down and out after a long day at work and am craving for some Salmon Sashimi and Cheer-up food.
I brought the below food at the Japanese sushi section in Ang Mo Kio Hub Fairprice Xtra.

Salmon Sashimi- $5.80

Sushi Don- $6.00

sure is a reasonable cheer-up food for me! The satisfaction of a healthy, tasty meal pleased my tummy and soul.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Uno Beef House

Location: Blk 51, Lorong 6, Toa Payoh

Uno Beef House- Tucked away in a hidden housing area but a name well know to many. It has received many newspapers food reviews

It serves quite an array of western food dishes such as spaghetti, beef stew, steaks, fish & chips etc..

The Fish & Chips, by far the BEST that Kara ever had and an investment of some worthy calories from fried food.
Kara & I are similar in our food choices in a way that we do not sacrifice having fats to our body with fried food unless it is for a worthy cause (really tasty food)

It is coated with Breadcrumbs instead of the usual batter, categorizing it as a Genre of Fish & Chips to my liking as I'm not a fan of the usual Batter which tends to taste floury, Gelad and uncooked.

From their food, you can feel that they really put in their Heart in the preparation.
The Coleslaw is made with Carrots, Cabbage, Onion. The usual western food joints in coffee shops are only bothered to do the standard coleslaw which consists of only shredded cabbage and nothing else.
One of the other reason why their fish & Chips is a GoGo is becos it is rare to get such fresh fish which flakes nicely in clear layers for fish & Chips.

I ordered the Rib-eye beef Steak
The taste of the dish on an overall is enjoyable, not the best though, but it has meet and surpass slightly in the scale of my expectation for a coffee shop western food stall.
What i appreciate about this dish is the Sauce which is one of the other things which really made me feel the owner's passion in the preparation.
The sauce is unique to Uno beef house. Stewed in-house. It has a tinge of tomato taste which makes the dish appetizing. The meat is cooked just nice as i had wanted it to.

They have created their own signature Potato ball which is rolled into a nice ball and fried to golden brown but still retaining the moisture and texture of mash potato within.

Overall pleasing experience. Not one that will WOW me to the extent where i will crave for it everyday. But good enough to be on my list of "im craving for some western food, where shd i go?" Worth popping by if you happen to be in the vicinity

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the BEST kaya roll in s'pore!

i made my way through a long journey, and finally i found the street where the gem i'm looking for lies in

It's signboard and name says it all.

The BEST kaya roll i have ever tried in s'pore thus far and the reason why i would make my way on MRT and foot over..

no cream, just pure good rich Kaya with the taste of real tradition rolled into the cake