Monday, January 19, 2009

Year 2009 food escapades

for my Year 2009 food escapades, i aim to try out the below places:
disclaimer: pictures not taken by me. obtained from website.

  • DimJoy

  • Les Bouchons – 7 Ann Siang Road
    serves steak

  • Location: 279, Jalan besar

  • Ps Cafe

    Location: 28B, Harding Road

  • Satsuma Dining Bar

    Location: 1 Nanson Road (river valley)

  • Pepperoni Pizzeria
    Location: 6 Greenwood Avenue
    the last time i went there should be around Oct/Nov 08, theu were closed and had some renovation works going on. I'm still not sure if it had been bought over by another establishment or just having Renovations. Will check out the Info soon. Hopefull they are just having reno =)

  • One Rochester
    - to Chill
    Location: Rochester Park

  • Blue Basil

    Location: 56, Cairnhill Road

  • Pasta Brava
    Location: 11 Craig Road
    Been wanting to head there for the past years, but just didn't find the chance to.
    shall try to make it there in 2009 ;)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Viet Food Va Va Voom!

I visited Vietnam abt 4 months ago (for the 1st time in my life) and it was during that trip that I abandoned all pre-conceived prejudice I have towards the cuisine. Well, there's a good reason why I'm not pro-viet food, coz like many other Singaporeans, Thai food's the way to go for our spicy tastebuds and we tend to think Viet food is dull and tasteless.
Not that I had alot of great tasting Viet food during my trip but I sure had some pretty decent tasting meals there. So when I came back, I checked out some Viet food restaurants and found out that u can count the no. of them with one hand. :P

Anyways, I visited Va Va Voom for the 2nd time since my Viet trip and this time I brought Yyn along...
(You can read more abt my review here.)

Mains from $6 - $10 - I say Value-for-money!

Pork Cutlet Rice - ard $8.00
With meatloaf, fried egg and sweet sour dressing on the side...

Plum soda - $2.80

Vietnamese Drip Coffee - ard $4

Pho Bo - Sliced Beef Noodles - $6.00 (they have brisket variations, and a Hanoi Beef noodle option) Maybe i'll try that on my next trip!!
If i'm gonna pay $4.50 to eat @ a food court nearby, I would gladly top up another $1.50 to eat @ Va Va Voom... At least it spares me the squeezing and pressure of eating quickly @ the food court... :P