Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just Dim Sum

The Dim-sum is good. Most of the dishes are very tasty. We all had immediate craving for more and was so tempted to come back here again the next day.
It is really affordable as well with average cost of $2-$3 per basket.

If you are looking for a Dim-sum place whichs is affordable and you do nto mind it being located in an non-air conditioned coffee shop, this is definitely the place to go.

I am quite a fan of Dim-sum but over the years i had not found one that really satisfied my expectation, until i found Just Dim Sum.

This beats The Dim-sums i had at China Square Central, Fortunate Restaurant, Yum-Cha Restaurant, Changi (next to Changi Hotel), Bao Jin Tian a.k.a Bao-today (Marina Square) and many others where the names i no longer recall.

It is also a novelty concept Dim-sum where they have Wasabi Har Kaow etc.

The Mango roll is the only dish which i felt slightly dissapointed about, It is not fried well, the coating is too soft.

The below dish is a MUST-TRY!
try and you will than understand what i mean.

im not a fan of Wasabi so i gave this dish a miss, but i heard from my family that the taste of wasabi is not prominent in this, but overall still tastes Ok for Har Kaow.

I love the below Cabbage roll. Natural sweetness from cabbage and fresh prawns. Healthy and delectable =] the colours make a pretty presentation

Give the Chee-Cheong fan a miss. Not worth the tummy space. It is just a passing mark from me.

The Carrot cake below is one of their novelty creations. Should try this dish as u may not get it elsewhere. Tastes like chinese Nian Gao

Not ALL the dishes are Damn good.
but NONE is bad.
Overall enjoable experience.
Some dishes will be hhmm, not bad/ok. While some will invoke a WOW factor.
Worthy Try!
I will be back! ;)

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