Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Men ichi Ramen

Men Ichi
1 Jurong West Central 2
#B1-54 Jurong Point

serves: Ramen

Being a fan of Ramen, I have tried the different soup bases such as shoyu and tomato etc.. but my fave soup base is still the pork based soup (Tonkotsu)
My self initiated food preference easily pointed to the option of Char Siew Ramen- Roast Pork noodles in Tonkotsu Soup.

The soup base is really flavourful. The Char Siew portion came generously and has a good marbling of fats. I have to tell you that I'm never keen on fatty food and would remove the fats from meats. However, this is an exception and makes it a worthy guilt journey.

I am always elated to see eggs like the above, where it is considered as hard boiled egg but still with a semi runny yolk.
Having my desired egg as a topping for my Ramen brings excitement to me. And i swear i was going "Wooaa!" at the sight of my Ramen being brought to my eye view. Followed by a prolonged "uummmmMmmmmm..." upon tasting it.

Egg Omelette
- i love this dish, i practically finished this whole dish by myself
They throw in some finely sliced spring onions in the omelette mixture. This brings a fragrance and refreshing taste to the dish.
The other reason why I applaud it is because it was skillfully cooked to perfection with the skin looking brown and crispy but yet the texture is slightly runny. The way I like it.

The Ramen surprising surpasses my expectations. So much so that I will be willing to make a 1 hour trip from my home all the way over to Jurong Point for this Ramen.

point to note: Menichi is a sister establishment from Ichiban Sushi.
They DO serve part of Iciban sushi's menu over at Menichi since they are located side by side. To be fair to Menichi, I will say that their Char Siew Ramen and Egg Omelette is indeed very good. However, if the other reviewers have reviewed on Menichi based on the Ichiban Sushi food menu, Menichi's review might be affected and dragged down.
I am also leaving an open comment on their other Ramens since I only tried 1 of it.

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