Sunday, May 1, 2011

Forty Hands Cafe. A Hidden spot. Book readers will love

Blk 78, Yong Siak Street
tel: 6225 8545

Chocolate tarts, carrot cakes and muffins are glamorously placed in a dome shaped glass cover and proudly displayed on the cabinet of sinful indulgences.

I lost my focus, undecided at what to order as they are all calling out for my attention!
The thought of a chocolatey good tart which is hard to get is pretty tempting..

and so is my all time favorite carrot cake..

that's not all.. The gigantic cookies are giving me glistering smiles and tempting me...

I glanced up and down, left and right.. undecided.
This is all before the wider selection of Salads and Sandwiches!
I wanted to try out their Sandwiches too, but I was pretty filled up from my breakfast.

After struggling for a couple of minutes, I made my choice...
It's swirls brought me on a holiday in Malibu, and topped it with a crown of glorious white cream with orange zest that served me a cocktail on the beach.
Looking at it and the thought of it just brought me to a fantasy holiday!

the choice.. Jamaican Swirl
exactly like my dream above. It is tasty yet not heavy. Has a strong character yet appetizing.
I couldn't bear to put down the fork and kept going at it until it vanished within a short interval.

I ordered a Latte to complete the fantasy.

ahhhh~ yes~ boy was it good! Full-bodied. Intense. Aromatic. Heavy but yet brings me up to heaven.
At this instance, how I wish I am better versed in Barista notes to give you a better description of the height of enjoyment at the coffee.
I brought me love together with the foam drawing.

Forty hands has a courtyard area as well, but it can get rather hot from the lack of wind flow.

My preferred seating is indoors with the slightly whimsical contradicting graffiti.

1 of the other reasons why is it fully packed and an idea weekend lazy cafe brunch/high-tea spot despite it being located in a pretty hidden place is because Books actually is just directly opposite it .

I hopped in, browsed around at the vintage stuffs they have on display and for sale, as well as purchased 2 books for my reading pleasure.

I checked back in to forty hands after getting my books and ordered Pear Cider to accompany me through to evening.
The pear cider is not to my liking. I've had better ciders. This did not make it to my re-try list.

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