Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Coffee Daily - a nostalgic haven

Nostalgic.. Vintage..
Often or so, we city dwellers, are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle..
Somewhere in the neighborhood yet hidden and not too crowded..

I have found this picture perfect place hidden in Brighton crescent (a stone throw away from Serangoon Gardens)

It is nostalgic with the vintage odd sized and patterned chairs, painted white with wood setting, with black white pictures hanging freely and framed.
Soft soothing jazz classics helps to pull in the extra sensory experience!
You will relaxingly sit back, order a cuppa, and then indulge in your own space, free from stress, free from crowd, and free from the counting of time..

Because over here, time just slowly slips by, without any hurry.
I've had my fare shares of cafes, including forty hands, loysels's toy cafe etc.
But the reason why I keep coming back here is simple.
Simply put, there is an elaborated simplicity - meaning, the owners take pride in maintaining and upkeeping the place, every piece of furniture and item played in this cafe is a well thought design (which includes a nostalgic 70's thermo flask as water dispenser)
Yet, everything is minimalistic, not overwhelming and gives you a sense of simplicity and peace from the moment you step in.

The service is good and the owners are friendly but knows how to give you space to be by yourself and immerse in the peace you need.

I love this place and I am not sharing about it for you all to overcrowd it, but rather, to share this peaceful haven to people who yearns for a place as such.
The Coffee Daily
75, Brighton Crescent
Singapore 559216

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