Monday, January 19, 2009

Year 2009 food escapades

for my Year 2009 food escapades, i aim to try out the below places:
disclaimer: pictures not taken by me. obtained from website.

  • DimJoy

  • Les Bouchons – 7 Ann Siang Road
    serves steak

  • Location: 279, Jalan besar

  • Ps Cafe

    Location: 28B, Harding Road

  • Satsuma Dining Bar

    Location: 1 Nanson Road (river valley)

  • Pepperoni Pizzeria
    Location: 6 Greenwood Avenue
    the last time i went there should be around Oct/Nov 08, theu were closed and had some renovation works going on. I'm still not sure if it had been bought over by another establishment or just having Renovations. Will check out the Info soon. Hopefull they are just having reno =)

  • One Rochester
    - to Chill
    Location: Rochester Park

  • Blue Basil

    Location: 56, Cairnhill Road

  • Pasta Brava
    Location: 11 Craig Road
    Been wanting to head there for the past years, but just didn't find the chance to.
    shall try to make it there in 2009 ;)


Anonymous said...

Pasta Brava is good. Must try. abit on the pricey side though. one pasta alone can cost u about $30+. Their squid ink pasta is very good. Vongole oso not bad... with lots and alots of clams. Must try their desert... the duno what chocolate thingy... warm and moist with milk i think.


Yyn said...

heehee, okie! thanks for your recommendation, will try it out! ;)

Kara said...

Yes! Pasta Brava is da bomb... And the past 4 times I was there, I was coincidentally sitting in the same EXACT table/seat, believe it or not.... Hahaha...
U gotta haf their tiramisu....... Whoo hooo!

ladyironchef said...

aye so long never update! haha. i like dim joy, and blue basil is quite good too.

i heard abt pasta brava, but its ex so i haven try it yet. haha

Yyn said...

yeah! with your comment on Dim Joy and blue basil , i will surely go check it out! I booked Kara for Blue Basil with me already =P

Aiya, nowadays been chomping less, but I’ve been adding on to my List of places for my food escapades.. hhmm.. admittedly, also quite lazy to post, because food posting must have pictures, info and description =P
Okok, thanks for the wake-up call, I will Buck up and start my food reviewing soon ;)
Thanks for dropping by! =D