Monday, January 5, 2009

Viet Food Va Va Voom!

I visited Vietnam abt 4 months ago (for the 1st time in my life) and it was during that trip that I abandoned all pre-conceived prejudice I have towards the cuisine. Well, there's a good reason why I'm not pro-viet food, coz like many other Singaporeans, Thai food's the way to go for our spicy tastebuds and we tend to think Viet food is dull and tasteless.
Not that I had alot of great tasting Viet food during my trip but I sure had some pretty decent tasting meals there. So when I came back, I checked out some Viet food restaurants and found out that u can count the no. of them with one hand. :P

Anyways, I visited Va Va Voom for the 2nd time since my Viet trip and this time I brought Yyn along...
(You can read more abt my review here.)

Mains from $6 - $10 - I say Value-for-money!

Pork Cutlet Rice - ard $8.00
With meatloaf, fried egg and sweet sour dressing on the side...

Plum soda - $2.80

Vietnamese Drip Coffee - ard $4

Pho Bo - Sliced Beef Noodles - $6.00 (they have brisket variations, and a Hanoi Beef noodle option) Maybe i'll try that on my next trip!!
If i'm gonna pay $4.50 to eat @ a food court nearby, I would gladly top up another $1.50 to eat @ Va Va Voom... At least it spares me the squeezing and pressure of eating quickly @ the food court... :P


ladyironchef said...

wow you all started a food blog never tell me! haha nice photos. I'd link yr site up. keep all the posts coming yeah! i heard about this viet place quite a long time ago, but not very into viet food, maybe when one day feel adventurous den i go try. haha

Yyn said...

Haha! Hi LIC. Thanks for commenting and linking up! ;)
actually i started this blog quite some time ago, but it was just for fun, because don't really have time to update it with food reviews, i use it more to keep tab of where i have been to =P
I asked Kara to join me so that she can add in her reviews here (okok, im exploiting her =P )

Trailing Spouse said...

I love Vietnamese food, but then again I'm not a huge spicy fan so perhaps that's why.

I agree about the lack of Vietnamese food in Singapore. Thanks for the review. :)