Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Daily Scoop- Ice cream Cafe

Blk 43, Jalan Merah Saga
Chip Bee Gardens
(tucked away in the private housing area opposite Holland Road shopping centre)

Salty Mr. Brown with Ms Strawberry Shortcake
Salty Mr. Brown was not salty enough and therefore lacks the expected Ummphh to it. Brownie is average. I have recently developed a liking for Salted caramel or salty ice-cream/desserts. Was rather disappointed on its taste.
Ms Strawberry shortcake is not sweet like the cartoon character. The strawberry used is still unripe and sour, without any tinge of sweetness from the fruit bits.

Peppermint side by side with Sesame. Black or White?

Peppermint is Ok, safe. Would prefer it is green peppermint colour though.
Sesame is quite rich, but swings towards a higher sugar ratio.

How I felt about Daily Scoop:
The service is good, the staff are friendly and more than willing to accede to your tasting requests.
The quality and taste of the ice-cream falls short than expected. I did not expect it to be very good, but at least satisfactory to my requirements. Taste wise, Daily scoops is unable to meet my expectations.
Im quite a fan and critic for ice-creams and desserts so forgive me for my harsh review.

the interior is fun and friendly. If i was still a student, I think I will patronize Daily scoops for a nice not too crowded after school hang-out spot to laugh and chat with my friends.
But as a working adult and a foodie, I am sorry, but I doubt I will come back again as there are far better ice-cream joints out there like Udders and Island Creamery that is a better worth of my bucks

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