Sunday, November 15, 2009


Mykii (pronounced as Mee-Kai)
17D, Lorong Liput
Holland Village (opposite Pet Lovers centre and next to Provence)

It's my friend's birthday.
I was looking for a place which is rather special, in a laid back environment and serves good food.
I was thinking of Holland Village as the hang-out location.
Mykii popped into my head. So after reading up the latest reviews and making sure it was almost full-proof, I decided Mykii to be THE restaurant to head to.

it was mad rush for me that morning. I didn't have lunch, so when I browsed through the menu, I set my mind on the Mains over their weekend Brunch.

Pot Roasted Chicken with Almond and Olive Pilaf sounded comforting to me.
The thought of slow cooked chicken with a melt in the mouth texture, served over rice is simply enticing and absorbed my attention.
Here it is..
I seldom finish the full portion of rice that I have.
for this dish, even though the serving is very generous and is easily able to feed 1 and 1/2 lady's appetite, I find it hard to rest my fork and let the remaining go to waste.
It is so appetizing and delectable that I could not stop my go at it

The chicken is moist, and tender from the slow cooking process, exactly like how I pictured and wished for it to be.
Tomato based and olive based sauce made the dish appetizing
the grain by grain rice stirs fragrance in your mouth.
I will definitely come back for this dish. I'm craving for it already!

BBQ Baby back ribs is average. Same tasting as other joints that serves ribs. Nothing fanciful about it. A dish which you will finish but not crave for.
The mash potato mixture u see below (contained in glass) is a minus point of this dish. It is a rather unappealing combination which me and my friends do not appreciate. It was left untouched after the 3rd tablespoon.

Thai-style chicken on French Pastry.
The outer coating of the chicken has a burst of flavors from the spices and packs a crunch.
The chicken meat is a tad dry for me. however, my friend who had this dish enjoyed it alot. She commented that she loves the crispy coating with the meat.
I guess it comes to individual preferences. Some tends to love the drier parts of chicken meat like breast meat whereas some love the juicy and tender parts like the thigh/drumstick. I am for the latter so this dish gets only a passing mark from me.

I did not get to try out the signature dishes and desserts which they are famous for as my goal here is to celebrate a friend's birthday rather than food reviewing.
But I decided to post this review anyways as It is nevertheless, a ideal Brunch/lunch/dinner location with loved ones

Im a fan of Mykii's interior design and concept.
The atmosphere is relaxing with the playing of jazz vibes in background and lighted with warm lighting.
I'll wanna Brunch here on a lazy weekend,
have dinner here on a tiring weekday night to sooth my soul and tummy.

Im becoming a fan of Mykii... I'll be back here..
till than we meet again...
I will have a closer encounter with u when I return and sink my teeth into the nutella squares with salted caramel!

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