Sunday, March 28, 2010

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro

Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro
34, Greenwood Avenue
Singapore 289236
Tel: 6467 4950

Black Cod Fish

Hot Seafood Platter for 2 (serves2-3 person)
consists of 7 dishes

1) Rocket Salad with Barbecued Squid

2) Scallop stir fried in Garlic, tomato and kelp

3) Seafood assortment of Clams,Prawns, Mussels
I Dig this dish. To bring out the optimum freshness of seafood is to cook in in sea salt. With seafood so fresh, using the simple way of preparation by cooking it in sea salt, garlic and kelp, brings out the flavours of Ocean into our mouth. Burstful of Ocean freshness. Wild!

4) Baked Oysters
Did I mention that I have a phobia towards Oysters?
Now, let me tell you that the Oysters here is so fresh that it wiped out my skeptical attitude and made me consume a couple of it.

5) Twin Kebab Skewers- 1 stick of chicken, 1 stick of salmon
The Salmon Kebab is worth mentioning.
the salmon is still pink in the middle while the sides are nicely charred. It takes skill and control to master the art of Salmon to be nicely done. For skewers, the fire have to be really strong so that the exterior gets quickly charred, leaving the middle of salmon still nice and pink, not forgetting the constant rotating of the skewer for the heat to be distributed evenly on all sides and not burning it.

6) Baked Lobster
The Lobster is still firm and springy, removes easily from the shell. Perfectly done.
Chefs and foodies out there, Need I say more?

7) Deep fried Calamari

the costs:
Black cod fish: $26.95
Hot seafood platter $89
a bottle of house wine Angove Chardonnay $39

the food is worth every penny.
It joyful, satisfied experience of having tummy full of nicely done fresh seafood, defeats the impact on the wallet.

I'll definately be back again when I have the cash to indulge ;)

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