Saturday, March 13, 2010

Garden Street Kway Chap

Garden Street Kway Chap
49A, Serangoon Gardens Way
#01-21, Serangoon Gardens Market and Food Centre

Opening Hours:

Meat is lean and well flavored.
Intestines is clean and fresh
Ingredients are pleasing on an overall

I like their salty vegetable, well proportioned level of saltiness, makes the dish appetizing

The highlight is on their KWAY.
the Kway's texture is perfect. Springy yet breaks when chewed.

It is also very thin that you can see your chopstick through a layer of the Kway.

In Kway chap, the most important role is played by the Kway.
The ingredients are normally about the same tasting, but to get good Kway is hard to find.

Do consider trying my favorite Guo Tie which is 2-3 stalls from here.

*get the stall holder to make it "Crispier"
Slurps, Sedap!

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