Friday, December 5, 2008

Beef Kway Teow- DRY

location: Blk 22, Toa Payoh Lorong 7 Food centre

was introduced by my dear sista Kara there on a saturday afternoon.
the Best DRY beef kway teow i had tried in singapore, admist the other well know and reputatable beef kway teow stalls.
Their gravy has a depth of different levels of taste to it,
unlike the usual ones with just a rather flat taste, this gravy gravy has the tinge of ginger, vinegar, spices.
the beef slices are very soft and tender, melt in your mouth
its really worth a try!
word of caution: their SOUP beef kway teow is not good though, it has a strong taste of MSG.
So, if you would like to look for good DRY beef kway teow, this is definately worth a try!

costs: $3 per bowl


Kara said...

Yumz! Din mention the brilliant person who led u there? Heh heh... ;)

Yyn said...

with the above comment, i shall moderate my blog to add ur name in! Haha