Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ai Shiteru - i love u japanese snacks!

Whoever knows me well enough wld know I've a sweet tooth, loves sinful desserts and eat one-too-much snacks... And browsing ard the Japanese supermarket is my fav thing to do......

Randy's sista just came back from Tokyo and lugged along with her many snacks!

(My friends JunMeng & Liling came back fr the Land of the Sun ard the same time too and they brought back the Tokyo Banana Cake!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOA!!!! - Yyn took pics of the wonderful cake with banana custard inside and blogged abt it:

This was one of the snacks that Randee's sis brought back....

Japanese Mochi - (i'm guessing that's wad it is, since I can't read Jap...)

The beautiful packagings of Japanese food...........
Here's how it looks inside!
There's Red Bean & Yam flavoured mochi in there!!!!!
Can't wait to open up and try! But I'm waiting to share em' with my sis... She'll love them!

You know when you were young u had those erasers shaped to look like fruits and cakes and ice-cream cones? And no matter how desperate you were looking for a rubber, you wld never destroy them by using em' to rub off your careless mistake in your jotter book?

This was one of those things... Candy-sushi...
Sweets that are tooo prewwtttyyy to put into your mouth.... And u know it's probably nicer to look @ it than to eat it.... :P

Oh TOKYO TOKYO.... Just having a taste of a place that I dream to go one day!

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