Friday, December 26, 2008

Swirl Gelateria

Swirl Gelateria
557 Bukit Timah Road
#01-04/05 Crown Centre

Tel: 6464 6180

We tried 5 to 6 flavours. Nothing fanciful. It isn't BAD, but i won't say it is GOOD either.
The Alcoholic flavours lack the Ummph factor. It is bland and i did not feel that there was any liqueur added.
Other flavours were not impressive as well. All lack the flavour. Tastes more of milk in all.
therefore, i would not recommend for anyone to try out this place.
I guess this also explains why it is so isolated and empty on the many occasions that i pass by as well as on a Friday evening itself.

* if you are looking for a quiet place to discuss some project or to hang around with your friends for games and chat, this place is OK venue for that. Keep your expectations of the ice-cream Low though or you may walked out disappointed.

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Always Hungry said...

Did you try the Triple choc and fresh strawberries at udders? lovely! anyway.. theres a 1 for 1 promo going on for Udders ice cream. head on to for details.