Monday, February 16, 2009

Mango Tango

Bangkok is famous for their Mango.
Innovative ideas are blooming out by the young Thai entreprenuers, bringing the usual fare of Mango Sticky rice and all things Mango, up a few notches to a boutique Mango Cafe

I chanced upon Mango Tango.. being a sucker for cafes, i had to go in and check it out!
Couldn't resist ordering the below Mango Sticky Rice (comes with a scoop of refreshing Mango Sorbet)
The Sorbet Harmonizes the Mango and Sticky Rice

Their Menu consists of a huge variety of desserts/drinks with all things Mango
-Bangkok Siam Square (the above air-conditioned and well furnished cafe)
-Bangkok Chatuchat (non-aircon, more of outdoor road side stall)
Mango Tango will definately be on my List of the MUST-HAVES in Bangkok ;)
Cost: above the average road side stall, but considering Cafe with the Sorbet ice-cream, prive was actually very resaonable.
if my memory serves me right, it should cost between S$5- S$6

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