Monday, February 16, 2009

Food For Thought

Food For Thought

Address: 420 North Bridge Road
#01-06 North Bridge Centre

  • Slow-Roasted Pulled Pork Sandwich $9.90
  • Shitake Mushroom Soup

Hand-Shredded slow roasted pork, drizzled with Tangy light BBQ sauce.
Delectable. Flavorful yet light tasting, without the feel of being Ge-Lad
Sandwich crust eludes a light crunch and reveals a soft moist bread
Crunchy lettuce and tomato brings a balance to the meat.

Shitake Mushroom soups shows traces of Shitake chunks in mini satisfying bite-sizes. Light in texture unlike the usual thick creamed mushroom soups in other places.
This soup review will be dependable on individual preferences.
If you are one that loves the *Pow Wow Bang* thick and very flavourful soup, than this may fall as short to what you are looking for.
However, if you are one that prefers for food to be tasty but on the light side, think you will find this soup pleasing to your taste palettes.
  • Old-Southern Style Red Velvet Cake $5.50
    Great combination and blend of Cranberry sponge cake layered with white chocolate

    Food for Thought is one of my faves. It is a great place for a close cozy catch-up and get togethers. Small cafe that sits about 16 people, tucked away in town. It is opposite Bras Basah Complex.

    The reasons i love food for thought:
  • Great food@ reasonable pricing
  • Cozy Bistro Cafe with a homey old-fashion look with a touch of modern creativity
  • they play jazz songs, and on the occasion when i went, they play OLIVIA ONG!! =D my fave jazz singer!
  • They serve the community with the profits they earn
  • The intricate and detailed thought they put into every single thing in this cafe, from the branding to the decor, menu and furnishing, especially love their self designed postcards.

The other Main reason why i love this little cafe is the Great service attitude of the staff/owners there. Their warmth and passion they possess for this cafe spreads through their service experience with you.

to me, great service adds to the overall experience and rating of a place. They determine if the customer will give a thumbs-down, a passing mark or a Thumbs-up.

Definately a place which i would return to. Whenever im thinking of a nice cozy cafe for a hang-out, food for thought never fails to surface in my consideration.

A pity they are closed on sunday, hope they can open for at least the evening period on sunday so that i can have dinner with my group of friends that love food for thought as well

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