Friday, April 17, 2009

FRiDay SuPper CluB- SeranGoon Gardens

1st Stop - Serangoon Garden Food Centre
We Ordered:
  • Pan Fried Dumpling (Guo Tie) $6.00 for 10 pieces
  • Stewed Rice with Beef $4.50 per plate (a.k.a Beef Mui Fan, pls refer to story below)
  • Satay Satay
  • Mee Pok
  • Laksa
  • Fried Hokkien Mee
  • La La (complete rip off!) $10 is a rip-off for the portion
Beef Mui Fan
- the story goes like this...
i walked past a stall with blue signboard, if my memory serves me right, stall name should be Ah Lam. Their last food item on the menu says: "stewed Rice with Beef"
They did not display any pictures of their food at all..
Thinking that Stewed rice is the dark coloured rice (like beef stew colour and taste) i interpreted the dish to be that way with slices of beef on the top.
Interesting~ i thought to myself. So i had a urge to try it out!
I told the mandarin speaking auntie "Stewed Rice with Beef"
auntie: "ah, Beef Mui Fan ah?!"
Me : (caught by surprise) Ah?! oh... orh.. ok?"

i walked back to my table sulking with disappointment at having a "common" food and the irony of it all.

The dish came..
Turns out to be the BEST Mui Fan i ever HAD!
The stock used does not have the strong MSG taste which u get from most Mui Fan in Ze Char stalls. In fact, it was pleasant with the light, flavourful, reminds you for grandmother's cooking, kind of taste.
The Beef is the main part of the dish, the beef is well stewed, it is soft and the stew had seeped into every corner of the beef and marinated it.
$4.50 which gives a portion fit for 2 seems a worthy deal
I recommend you to put this as one of the "Must tries" if you are there

Spicy La La
- from the 1st BBQ Seafood stall on the left of the entrace to the food centre
My gosh! the worst and most ripped-off LALA i ever had!
My friend ordered a $10 portion and this was what came out!
Furthermore, The chili is not fit to be named chili. It is just spicy, there is no taste of the depth of spicy, sweet, salty ad fragrance
DON'T TRY! or risk regretting!

Satay, Ok the taste is Ok,
maybe im not a huge satay fan, so not fair for me to rate this dish.
But 1 point i like about this dish is that they had pineapple puree in the satay sauce.

Guo Tie
- White signboard, sells steamed dumplings and pan fried dumplings.
this dish is recommended by my Auntie Colleague whom is a foodie.
She says she would always ask them to make it Crispier.
So this is the 1st and main item i was looking out for in the food centre.
I ordered the Pan-Fried Guo Tie and adding a remark "make it Crispier" and it was well received by the stall holder.
Came out nicely done as what i had wished for it to turn out.
Main parts of the skin is Crispy, leaving white corners.
The lean pork and chive filling is hot and juicy, there is no trace of porky taste at all!
They also provide a generous share of finely shreded ginger in vinegar.
Yum Yumz!
Add this to you "Must- Try" list as well! ;)

2nd Stop-> Dessert Bowl!!!

Honeydew with Sago
nice and refreshing. The Honeydew balls burst with sweet honeydew essence in your mouth
Mango, Strawberry ice
a generous heap of mango and strawberry cubes, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, creates a mountain on top of shaved ice drizzled with gula melaka syrup.
when you scoop the top layer, there is a sweet and tangy zest mellowed with ice-cream.
when u explored the bottom layer, u will go "eh?" becos you will taste a some what Chendol flavor becos of the gula melaka

Strawberry Pearl Sago
- the name says it all

Yam Glutinous with Grass Jelly
- Tastes like blended Pulut Hitam topped with Grass Jelly
could not taste the yam. Slimy texture.
Nice as i am quite fond of Pulut Hitam. But if you do not like slimy texture food, you should not try this as you may drop your spoon after a mouthful.
The portion is quite huge though, so gets Ge Lad when nearing the cup base

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