Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bakerzin- Cupcakes

What is YOUR Cup Size?
Cup A, Cup B, or Cup C?
Such a Blatant question was posted by a well established renowed entity; Bakerzin
It was their latest promotional Gig which really amuses many.
Their cupcakes, featuring 6 different flavours are priced @ $2.50 each.
We each ordered a cup.

Chocolate Cupcake with Raspberry Cream
- reminds me of pink panther.
Pink but not the least shy.
Beneath it is the Dark coloured and moist chocolate which fills your taste buds with the chocolaty goodness.

Rose Cupcake with Passion fruit cream
- There was no trace of rose essence.
Passion fruit flavor was quite evident.
I believe it would bit be less disappointing if they had name it as passion fruit cupcake

Carrot Cupcake with Lemon Cream cheese
- My favorite! i love english carrot cake! and the lemon cheese cream made it tangy and not
Ge lad. Nice blend of tastes ^^

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