Friday, April 24, 2009

House of Seafood@ 180

location: 180, Yio Chu Kang Road
Singapore 545628

Tel: 6282 7180

Black Pepper Crab... who can resist the luxury and seduction of it?
The thought of holding on the the plump crab claw , and exploring the sweet tasting white fresh crab meat underneath the spicy tangy black pepper. It tantalizes your taste buds and creates a experience which most people term as "SHOIK!"

The Black pepper crab here tastes quite different from the other black pepper crab you get elsewhere. It is spicy with the black pepper, but there is another tastes to it which differentiates from the other competitors. I can't make out the ingredients they use. U will get a better thought of it after trying it out.

We ordered other Ze Char dishes as well
  • Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves

  • Volcano Tou-fu

  • Pork Ribs King


BuBBLeS said...

ahhhh this is actually opened by one of the badminton kaki i used to play badminton with on sundays.

Kara said...

wah seh!!! then got discount or not?!?!!?