Thursday, July 16, 2009


8 Sin Ming Road
#01-03 Sin Ming Centre

Ice-cream is my Joy-Food of all time.
besides Udders, this is the 1 other place which i hang-out in.
It is just 10 mins walk away from my office.
Not crowded, making it a nice place to just relax and sit back with friends or colleagues to chat and enjoy good ice-cream in a comfy air-conditioned environment.
It's my kind of place.
It may not be THE BEST, but will be ranked 3rd on my list after Island Creamery and Udders. I feel that it is good enough. It is also cheaper in comparison.

simple, minimalist decor

Tiramisu ice-cream on Waffle
their waffle is the crispier kind and quite light. I enjoyed it =)

the below is called VERY DURIAN where the fresh durian flesh in "Kiap" in between the waffle and topped with a Scoop of Durian Ice-cream.
Wow! Indeed VERY Duriany!
Even if the Durian ice-cream do not satisfy you, im sure the durian flesh will add marks to the lacking areas.
Overall a balanced Durian dish. Frankly speaking, the durian ice-cream is not that strong in flavour, but it gives a balance to the strong Pow Wow Durian flesh.
So i would stil give this dish a passing mark and worth trying if you like Durians

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