Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brown, the colour of... ?

Brown, Black.
Colours with relation to an expression of Dullness.
But Brown to me, is a color of Joy in my expression.
The color of Chocolate - myth object of an Anti-Aphrodisiac which a takes a woman's mind off from other things and yet brings ecstasy.

layered in 55% bitter Coco powder, fluffy Mousse, airy oreo choc sponge cake, mousse, oreo choc sponge cake
= Can't stop!
i told myself,ok, im gotta try a mouthful of it, just the edge.
After the 1st scoop, i thought, hhmm.. doesn't kill to finish 1/2.
By the time i reach half mark, there is no turning back and i HAD to Race to the finishing line.
Licked my fork clean as a reward to my mind battle

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