Friday, July 3, 2009

Uno Beef House

Location: Blk 51, Lorong 6, Toa Payoh

Uno Beef House- Tucked away in a hidden housing area but a name well know to many. It has received many newspapers food reviews

It serves quite an array of western food dishes such as spaghetti, beef stew, steaks, fish & chips etc..

The Fish & Chips, by far the BEST that Kara ever had and an investment of some worthy calories from fried food.
Kara & I are similar in our food choices in a way that we do not sacrifice having fats to our body with fried food unless it is for a worthy cause (really tasty food)

It is coated with Breadcrumbs instead of the usual batter, categorizing it as a Genre of Fish & Chips to my liking as I'm not a fan of the usual Batter which tends to taste floury, Gelad and uncooked.

From their food, you can feel that they really put in their Heart in the preparation.
The Coleslaw is made with Carrots, Cabbage, Onion. The usual western food joints in coffee shops are only bothered to do the standard coleslaw which consists of only shredded cabbage and nothing else.
One of the other reason why their fish & Chips is a GoGo is becos it is rare to get such fresh fish which flakes nicely in clear layers for fish & Chips.

I ordered the Rib-eye beef Steak
The taste of the dish on an overall is enjoyable, not the best though, but it has meet and surpass slightly in the scale of my expectation for a coffee shop western food stall.
What i appreciate about this dish is the Sauce which is one of the other things which really made me feel the owner's passion in the preparation.
The sauce is unique to Uno beef house. Stewed in-house. It has a tinge of tomato taste which makes the dish appetizing. The meat is cooked just nice as i had wanted it to.

They have created their own signature Potato ball which is rolled into a nice ball and fried to golden brown but still retaining the moisture and texture of mash potato within.

Overall pleasing experience. Not one that will WOW me to the extent where i will crave for it everyday. But good enough to be on my list of "im craving for some western food, where shd i go?" Worth popping by if you happen to be in the vicinity

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