Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yamakawa Japanese Supermarket

Japanese Snacks- Watashi wa Aishiteru Desune!
Colourful Wrappers, fat wordings, attractive packaging Grabs my attention
Resistance is futile.
Cash strapped but unable to fight the temptation, i focused purely on the discounted items that goes at $1 or $2 per item.
Haha, all the below items were on discount.
Yamakawa Supmart puts up expiring items at a really low price.
Good for me as it is less hurting to my wallet and i'm confident it will be chomped up by the expiry date.
My Snacks Stash

Regulars of Japanese Cuisine will be familiar with Calpis.
Calpis is a renowned and commercial Yogurt.
I am a fan of Calpis, so i bought the below pack of Calpis candy which is in assortment of 4 flavours (original Calpis, Orange, Grape & Strawberry)
quite sad that it did not turn out like i wished it would. The presence of Yogurt is mild in this.

the below snack will have u proclaiming:
Aaaahhh.... Oooo Iiiii SSsss Hhh Iii Oishi DESUYO!! (*^~^*)
It is Caramel Pudding Mochi in bottle cap size.
The Mochi skin is so soft and the Carmel filling has a Custardy sensation to it
2 for $1.30

$1.00 per box
the white one is White chocolate (salty flavour) yes, indeed it has a faint salty taste to it.
hhhmm.. interesting, but i still prefer my choc snacks to be Sweet

Yamakawa Jap Supermart is located at:
-> The Central
-> Jurong Point

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